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Frequently Asked Questions

License Choice

Which license allows me to use your music for Social Media?

If you don't use social media paid advertising, the Standard License is enough. Otherwise, you can purchase the Extended License.

How is an All Access Subscription plan different from a single-track License?

A single-track License is for one track only. On the other hand, our All Access Subscription plans give you access to our entire library with unlimited downloads. For each track you download during your plan validity, you will get a license certificate that authorizes you to use the track forever (without credits).

I am in the business of selling projects to clients, what are my licensing options?

When you are making projects for clients, your licenses need to reflect the fact that your clients are the final license holders. As such, based on your needs, you can either purchase a single-track license with your client as license holder or you can buy a Premium All Access plan which allows for multiple client licensing (unlimited number of projects for an unlimited number of license holders). 


How long and where is my license valid?

All our licenses are valid worldwide and forever. This includes both our single-track Licenses and the licenses downloaded with our All Access Subscription plans.

Does my License/All Access Subscription plan allow me to use your music in several projects?

A license is applicable to one person or company only, so:

-       If you produce your own videos: Yes. 

-       If you produce videos for clients: You must buy a license for each client.


If you are in the business of selling projects to clients, you can also purchase our Premium All Access Subscription plan which allows for unlimited client licensing.

Do I have to credit if I buy a License or an All Access Subscription Plan?

No, credits are optional if you purchase a single-track License or an All Access Subscription plan.

Can I specify a license holder different from the billing information?

Yes! During checkout, you can specify the license holder in the "License Holder" input field.

I am making a video for a client, who should be the license holder?

If you are making a project for a client, they should be the license holder. You can input their name in the "License Holder" field during checkout.

Can I edit, modify, or transform the music?

You can adapt the music to your project by making cuts, loops, and adding voiceovers. However, you cannot make a song, a re-mix, or produce your own music with our music.

Can I upgrade my License/All Access Subscription plan?

Sure! If you wish to upgrade your License or your All Access Subscription plan, you can contact us via our Contact form.

All Access Subscription

What's an All Access Subscription plan?

Subscribing allows you to have access to our entire library for one year, in both high-quality mp3 and uncompressed Wav format. For each track, you will get a license certificate that authorizes you to use the track without credits.

Note: You will have access to all the tracks listed on the website, including the ones only available as demo files without a license. There are no "hidden tracks".



How do I download the tracks after subscribing?

Once the All Access Subscription plan is purchased, you will be able to download the files and the certificates individually for each track by browsing our music library.

How long is the license valid for an All Access Subscription?

You can download all the tracks and license certificates for one year (= the subscription period) but the licenses for the tracks are valid forever. That means that even after the end of the subscription period, you can keep using the downloaded tracks forever.

Will my 1-year All Access Subscription renew automatically?

Renewal is not automatic; your All Access Subscription will expire after one year. You won't be charged again unless you decide to pay for the renewal.

FREE License with Credits

Can I use your music for free?

Yes! But you need to credit us (Mention in your project) and respect the Free License Terms:

With the Free License with Credits, you can use our music in your project as part of an online video or live video streaming that is published AND accessible free of charge, OR for usages limited to theatrical performances and films, providing that your project is meant for educational purpose only and does not generate revenue.


If you do not want to credit or if you want to support this website, you can purchase a single-track license or an All Access plan.

Do I need to ask for your authorization to use your music?

No, as long as you credit and respect the licensing terms you don't need to ask us.

What is the proper way to give credits?

For Online videos and Live Streaming, please mention in the video description. The crediting text is up to you.

For example: "Music:" or "Music by".

For Social media, you can use the social media tag to credit us: Music from @bensound, Music by #bensound,...


How can I pay?

We only accept direct online payments by credit/debit card or PayPal.

My payment card is not accepted, why?

We do not have control over the payment process. If you card is refused, please try with another card, or pay with a PayPal account.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

If you choose the payment by card, the transaction will appear on your statement as "Bensound Music" or "Bens. Music".

Will I be charged VAT (Value Added Tax)?

We are required to collect VAT for buyers residing in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

- If you are a European/UK customer without a valid VAT ID, taxes will be added to your order.
- If you are a European/UK customer with a valid VAT ID, please fill in the number at checkout to avoid the VAT charge.


Where can I get a receipt for my purchase(s)?

You can download your invoice(s) from your account in the Invoices section.

I purchased a single-track license and I need my license certificate, where can I find it?

You can download your license certificate from your account in the Downloads section.

I bought a single-track License or an All Access Subscription Plan for someone else, but I forgot to enter a different license holder when making my purchase, can I still change it?

If you forgot to fill in the License Holder field at checkout, please contact us via our Contact form.

Restricted Usages

Can I make a song or a remix with your music?

Sorry but that’s a hard no! Our music is meant to be used in multimedia projects such as videos and web applications. It is forbidden to make a song, a remix, and/or to use our music for music production.

You can however adapt the music for your film or video by cutting, fading, editing the length of the track, or adding voice-over.

Can I use your music in my audio-only project (podcast, meditation soundtrack, etc.)?

The use of our music for audio podcasts or audio-only projects is not permitted with any license or subscription plan because it leads to copyright issues. Most web services that deal with audio cannot tell the difference between a music file and a podcast using a music file; copyright protection software recognizes audio-only projects as original audio content, which ends in our users being blocked from using our music.

I have a soundtrack channel on YouTube, can I publish your music there?

We do not allow the use of our music for audio-only projects (even when published in video format with a still image as background), or videos using stock images/footage if our music is the main subject of said video.

Social Media

Can I use your music for Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/etc.?

Yes, you can use our music in your social media videos! If you don't use social media paid advertising (such as YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) then the Standard License or the Standard All Access Subscription plan or the Free License with Credits (available for certain tracks only) are enough. Otherwise, please buy the Extended License or the Extended All Access Subscription plan.


However, you cannot register these videos to the Facebook/Instagram Rights Manager Service or any similar social media service. Because of a flaw in their copyright protection software, that would keep other users from using our music.

Music Submission

Do you accept music submissions?

Yes, is accepting Artist submissions! To apply, please use the contact form and send us a link to listen to your music.
Please note that due to the high volume of submission requests we receive, we will get in touch with you only if you are accepted.

Custom Licensing

Can you compose original music for my project?

Due to lack of time, we are not currently accepting to compose original music.


What should I do if I receive a copyright claim on YouTube or Facebook (or another platform)?

Visit this page to know more about YouTube Copyright Notices:


YouTube, Facebook and similar platforms use recognition software that scans the music in your video to see if you used copyrighted material. We do not register our tracks in any of these ID systems so if you receive a copyright claim, it can mean one of two things: either that the result is a "false positive" (the software is wrong), or that someone is trying to steal our music.


If that happens, please do the following:


- Contest/dispute/appeal the claim! Do not remove your video. 

- Contact us with details about the claim: tell us what Bensound track you were using and send us a screenshot of the copyright claim or as much detailed information about the track identified by the ID system as possible (track title, artist’s name and when available company and/or label that have registered the track and on whose behalf the copyright claim is being issued). This way, we can do something from our side.




If you receive a warning from Facebook/Instagram saying that your video is muted because you may be using copyrighted content, please click on "Restore Audio".




Step by Step guide


-       In YouTube Studio, locate the video in question and select “Copyright Claim” (found in the “Restrictions” column, next to your video). Then select “See Details”. 

-       A pop-up window will open with more information about the claim. Under “Actions”, select “Select Actions” and then “Dispute”. 

-       Check the box next to “My dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim.” and click Continue. 

-       Select “License: I have permission or a license to use the content claimed in my video" and click Continue. 

-       Check the box next to “I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner” and click Continue. 

-       Under “Please include your license information below” input (depending on your license): 


If you are using our Free License with credits:

I used a piece of music from which allows YouTubers to use their music for free in their videos:, this is the music I used: [Include the music page link here]


If you have a license or an all access plan: 

I used a piece of music from and purchased the appropriate license for it. My license certificate number is: [insert your license certificate number] and this is the music I used: [Include the music page link here]. 


-       Follow the rest of the instructions and submit.