Making a Difference by Feeding  the  Hungry

Nourishing our neighbors in need

As a family company focused on food, our commitment to helping families and communities struggling with hunger runs deep.

Feeding the Hungry
Perishable Program

Perishable Pickup Program

Every year, we donate millions of pounds of food to local food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens in every community we serve. One of our most important efforts is our Perishable Pickup Program. Since 1990, Wegmans employees have packed up everything from baked goods and cold cuts to fruits and veggies and prepared foods—all safe and wholesome to eat but no longer saleable—for pickup each day by more than 500 local food pantries.

In 2020, our stores provided more than 12.7 million pounds of food through this program, plus 6.9 million pounds of nonperishable packaged goods.

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Together, we donated 38,600,000 meals to those in need last year
Food Bank Donations

Food Bank Donations

We love supporting events—by the bag, the basket, and the truckload—for the food banks in our communities!

Check Out Hunger

 This year marks 28 years of working together for hunger relief in our communities. Once a year, Wegmans cashiers offer customers the chance to add a small donation to their orders, with 100% of the funds going toward local food banks. Since 1993, we’ve raised more than $43 million at our checkouts. Every dollar counts in the fight against hunger, and we can’t thank our customers and employees enough for helping us reduce the hunger that exists right in our own neighborhoods.

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Fill the Bus

Fill the Bus & Fill the Backpack

Children are our most vulnerable when it comes to hunger. That’s why we started our Fill the Bus and Fill the Backpack campaigns, bridging the gap between free or lower cost school meals and the much-needed nutrition that remains on weekends and holidays. Each Friday, kids at risk of going hungry receive a “backpack” or bag of nutritious food like juice, cereal, easy-to-open canned fruit, peanut butter and jelly, and soups. In 2019, Fill the Bus campaigns collected 1,008,531 pounds of food—nearly 200,000 pounds more than in 2018!

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