Wegmans Customers Donate $4 million to Help Neighbors in Need

In 2021, our communities continued to feel the strain of the pandemic. Through the help of our customers and community partners, millions of dollars were donated to help feed, house, and care for our neighbors.

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Wegmans Reimagines a Diesel-free Fleet

When it comes to fleet sustainability at Wegmans, we have switched our focus from diesel efficiency to diesel elimination through the use of alternative fuels, electrification, and collaborative partnerships with technology suppliers.

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Roc Holiday Village

A Season to Celebrate

The holidays are a special time to celebrate with family & friends. This season, we’ve partnered with many local organizations to sponsor events for all to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to start a new tradition or planning to visit an annual favorite, here’s a list of festive activities to consider.

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Chris Foote Leads Wegmans’ Commitment to Eliminating Waste

As Chris looks to eliminate all forms of waste, food waste is front and center. Last year alone, under Chris’s guidance, same-store food donations were up 1.6 million pounds.

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